Why Shuffle Dance?

So You Want To Learn How To Shuffle Dance?

If you’re like me, you probably saw the music video Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and thought damn that looks like fun! Well after I saw that music video I decided I wanted to learn how to shuffle dance! So I started browsing YouTube and the InterWebz for how to videos and thought why not make a funny website about the process. Well here’s the website so I hope you have some fun checking out my videos.

Important Update!

I am looking for a Balinese shuffle dancer who can help me improve my shuffle dance. I currently live in Sanur on Bali and would LOVE to find someone on Bali who can teach me more moves and stuff. I would film the whole thing and put it on this website! Please read this blog update for more information – thanks!

Keep shufflin!

There are lots of videos on YouTube that teach you how to shuffle dance. However, I wanted to find the very best and then make a compilation of them here on this website. This should hopefully save you both time and energy when searching for the best how to shuffle dance videos.

Oh and if you haven’t seen the music video that started it all check it out below – it’s fantastic:

The idea is that you will be able to follow me in the process of learning how to shuffle dance. I will be doing a lot of videos to document my progress and just to have some fun as well. From the videos I’ve seen so far it looks fairly simple. I mean the basic moves and combinations look kinda simple, but when you have to add it all up and keep the rhythm and speed then I’m sure it will get challenging!

If you are looking for some cool videos on how to shuffle dance and learning the various moves like the running man and t-move then go ahead and browse my site. I will include the best videos that I have found here as well. So basically I will watch a really good how to shuffle dance video and then try to copy with my own video.

Stick around – poke my site – and get your shuffle on ;)

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25 thoughts on “Why Shuffle Dance?

    • Well so far it’s just a matter of combining running man and t-step :) Yeah LMFAO aren’t the coolest shufflers for sure, but they did get me turned on to shuffle dance :) I should practise some more hard style ;)

  1. Man, ofcourse LMFAO dudes are epic xD And now im trying to learn shuffle too, starting with “Running man” I can’t do it fast >.< But, still learning xD Too bad my knees hurts ;~;

    • You are absolutely right David … I need to give you guys an update!

      Lot’s of stuff (good stuff) has happened during the last 3 months – short story I now live on Bali where I’m creating computer games :) Unfortunately, I haven’t really practiced my shuffle dance, apart from the few times I’ve been out partying here in Indonesia. I want to try and find someone from here, who’s really good at shuffling, and then do some videos with them. That could be loads of fun :)

      I’ll make a new post soon … promise!

      • Wow man, that’s great! I would love to create a computer game *-*

        I wanna learn to shuffling, in fact i just started yesterday :$! I am a mess jajaa.. But I will keep trying, could you give me some advices? Should I “shuffle” with socks?
        I really want to, but i think that i am just jumping u.u
        So, take care, and keep shufflin’ ;)

        Greetings from México

        • Hehe yeah it’s pretty cool :)

          Absolutely – shuffle with your socks on which makes it so much easier! And yeah if you feel like you are just jumping, then I’d say it’s a good thing, as the running man really consists of a lot of small hops or jumps. Just keep at it and experiment a bit with where you place your feet, and how high you raise your knees etc.
          Keep shufflin!! :)


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