Looking for a Party Rock Shuffle Dancer on Bali!

Okay so it’s been way too long since I last updated this little project of mine. Today I’m lying in bed with a hang over after party rocking at Sky Garden in Kuta Bali. As usual we had a GREAT night out! One thing you can be sure of when you go to Sky Garden in Kuta is that you will hear the LMFAO Party Rock Anthem song at least twice haha!

Not sure you know this, but I moved to Bali on february 1st 2012 where I will be working on a project where we are creating a computer game – really cool stuff!! My team and I went to Bandung on Java and stayed there for about 5 weeks to work on a specific area. Anyways, we were out one night, and all of a sudden, I get pushed in front of this Indonesian girl who want to challenge me in the shuffle (yeah my team set me up!!!).

Obviously she kicked my ass!!! Big time!! I mean there I was, drunk and doing the running man + T-step, while she was shuffling up and down my ass haha. It was funny but it also made me want to get much better. And finally to the point of this post:

I am looking for someone who is really good at doing the shuffle dance and who lives here on Bali. What are the odds, that some of my visitors knows about someone who lives on Bali and is good at shuffle dancing? Maybe YOU live on Bali and know how to shuffle dance???

I would LOVE to meet up with this person and then do some video sessions where I am being taught how to improve my shuffle dance moves. You can really learn a lot from shuffle dance videos, but I think it could be loads of FUN to find someone here on Bali and then do some videos for all of you to see.

So this is my plea for HELP :) Do YOU know someone on Bali that would like to create some shuffle dance videos with me? Is it YOU?!?! Let’s see if we can find someone who is up for the challenge of teaching me how to get better at shuffle dancing! Feel free to contact me via Facebook or comments below and I’ll get back to you asap!

Thanks for reading …. capcus ciiiiiiin :D