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Hey guys, it’s Nick Martin from with a few tips and tricks on how to do the running man. I was actually honest on a Facebook post, if I had any tips on how to perform the running man so it looks good. I thought long and hard about this, because I’m not really a pro or expert at anything shuffle dance related, but I have seen a lot of how to shuffle dance videos and I feel I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks from the pros on YouTube.

First things first, if you’ve never tried the running man dance before, it is going to take some practice. Don’t be discouraged, because it looks easy but actually it is quite difficult in order to make it look nice and smooth. Just ask us a little bit every day and you will improve rapidly.

My First Tip on How to do the Running Man Dance

I picked this up from a guy in another YouTube video, and I will absolutely have to look for the video in order to give him true credit. Unfortunately, I’ve seen so many that I have a hard time finding the ones I really like. Anyways this guy said, that it’s important to keep in mind that every single move is a small jump. If you’re wondering how to do the running man in a cool way, just keep reminding yourself that every single step is a small jump. Every time you move your feet or legs you do a small jump, jump jump jump jump :-)

My Second Tip on How to do the Running Man Dance

when I’m in that jump position and my legs are together, I remind myself continuously that I have to take both legs out, that means front and back, at the same time., If you want the running man to look good, then you have to make sure that your legs get separated and planted on the ground at the same time. Just keep telling yourself to split your legs evenly and at the same time. Sue I’m not only thinking about kicking my leg forward, I’m also thinking about kicking my opposite leg backwards, whilst my body is in the same position.


remember, I am not an expert on doing the running man, but I have practiced a little bit and these are some of the things that I find helpful when doing the running man. If you are searching the Internet, for resources on how to do the running man, I hope this has helped you. I would love to hear from you, so if you’d like, please leave a comment in the form below.

Thanks for visiting and get your shuffle on!

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5 thoughts on “How To Do The Running Man

  1. Here’s another thing you can add: avoid high heels. By this, I mean avoid kicking up the heels too high while doing the rm e.g. an uber-exaggerated example of this would be kicking yourself in the butt every time you’re in the middle step of the rm.

    While looking around youtube, I found a way to make the rm look better and more energy efficient. It’s so useful that I’m actually regretting posting this copied technique.

    In the first small “hop”, bring the back foot to the middle so that when the right+left legs are together, the foot’s pointing down, roughly perpendicular to the floor. Make SURE that the toe’s close to the floor (or else you’ll be doing butt kicks). Follow through like a regular rm for the second “hop”, repeat. Nice, simple, less tiring imo, and smooth. Yes, the heel sticks up some in the middle step, but this time, it actually looks cool. Sorry if it’s a bit confusing; it’s past midnight here.

    • Hey WikidSirius :)

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try and play around with it. But I think I get the idea of it. Do you try to keep the foot close to the ground doing this? Some may argue, that you need to lift your knees further up, but I guess you could do both. I’ll try and practise keeping in mind that my toes should point towards the ground, see how that goes :)

        • Btw, lifting the knees more is great for a more “hardcore” style, but is quite tiring. If you observe shuffle vids, people can rarely keep this up, preferring to transition to a “milder” rm. Use only where you need to, unless you’re REALLY confident with your stamina.

          Sidenote: when I lift my knees higher, I personally keep my shins perpendicular to the floor for a better looking “stomp.”

        • Thanks for the video! That was pretty much what I got from your description but the video helps a lot. I bet that type of running man works great for practising/doing the moonwalk too :)

          You got moves WikidSirius!

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