Nephew Shuffle Dance Action!

I live in Denmark and my sister lives in USA with her family. I have 3 adorable nephews and they are just so easy to manipulate :) I mean that in a good way! Every time they come to visit here in Denmark I always try to give them something they can take back home. Mostly it’s just funny gibberish like “Amar flufarm”, “USO!!!” or “it’s borken”.

I don’t think I gave them anything last time they were here, but my sister showed them this website and especially the Party Rock Anthem music video, and according to her they are completely hooked and want to shuffle dance all the time haha.

She gave me some video of them doing their best and really kicking ass. I compiled it into this short video for everyone to see (with their moms permission of course) :) Take a look at Samuel and Elias doing the shuffle dance … oh and baby Benjamin having fun with chocolate!

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