How I Make $100 a Month From How To Shuffle Dance

Once again THANK YOU for visiting my Shuffle Dance website and I hope you’ve had some fun and learned a few tricks during your stay here. This page is where I explain how I manage to make around $100 every month from my fun How To Shuffle Dance project. Watch the video below where I explain exactly what it is that I do:

My first resource that I mention in my video is HostGator. This is the only webhost I use for ALL my websites and projects. I love the instant online chat support and the flexibility I have to create new hosting accounts any time I need it. Check them out below:

My second highly recommended resource is Niche Profit Classroom. This is where I learned everything I know about niche and AdSense marketing. It is a complete video training site where you learn all the actions you need to take in order to create profitable websites. The videos are broken down into easy to follow step-by-step guides. Vist NPC below:

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