Learning The T-Step Of Shuffle Dance

Okay so I kinda figured out how to do the running man in a previous shuffle video and now I just really have to practise it. I thought I would move ahead a bit and start working on the next part of my shuffle dance which is the T-Step. Now again this looks really simple and yes it only consists of a few moves that get repeated, but when you want to do it faster and faster it just gets almost impossible.

Now I found a lot of different variations of the T-Step when I was searching for some good shuffle videos on the subject, but decided I’d start with what looked like the easiest. It’s the same guy I copied for the running man video and I like the way he explains it even though his shuffle video tutorials are low quality resolution. You can see the T-Step Shuffle Video in the tutorials section of my site.

I must admit that I did practise the T-Step a little before I shot this first video. Not because I wanted to hold out on you guys getting a good laugh, but because I was eager to try it out. Don’t worry I still have a long way to go and this video shows how bad I suck at performing the T-Step. I will keep practising and hopefully I will show improvement in a later shuffle dance video.

But for now, have some fun watching me perform the T-Step:

It might be a bit boring and maybe I’ll cut the next few videos down in length. I seriously need to get some more practise in! What do you think so far? Please leave a comment below – thanks!


Shuffle Dance Video – The Running Man

When I decided I wanted to start learning how to shuffle I found out that the running man was the first move I had to learn. So obviously I went to YouTube to hunt down the best running man shuffle dance video I could find. Now there are a lot of shuffle dance videos out there but I really found a super cool guy that breaks down the running man into simple drills that we can all learn from.

Remember that when you start doing the running man it’s going to feel wierd and most likely look stupid (unless you’re a total natural or have serious dancing skills already). But all you have to do is practise practise and practise. Remember start out slowly! Get the moves right and then gradually add speed. I did the running man for a few nights without music just to focus on getting the moves right. I followed the guy in the shuffle dance video below and I think it paid off nicely.

After you’ve practised the running man for a few hours, you will definitely see improvement. The great thing about this move is it’s not really complicated. It consists of only 2 moves that get repeated over and over. Okay so I’ve rambled enough, here is the running man shuffle video tutorial which I found to be one of the best on YouTube:

If you haven’t seen my running man shuffle dance video¬†go check it out after and leave a comment. Would love to hear what you think :)

Get Your Shuffle On!