The Running Man & T-Step Video

Hey guys, it’s Nick Martin here again. Tonight I did some practice on combining the running man and the T step moves. It was my first night practicing the combination of the two moves. I have to say again, the running Man and the T-Step looks so easy when you watch videos on YouTube. I found a video of a guy with a really cool shuffle style! It’s not hardstyle but it just looks like he flows so naturally. I’ll add it to the shuffle dance videos section of the site.

I’m still learning and I have a lot of practice to do. However, watching the video that I just shot tonight, I feel I have improved quite a bit since I started out. This was the first time I actually tried to shoot a video with music. It was a lot of fun but like I said I still have lots of practice to do. The running man is coming along nicely, and the transition into and from the T-step also worked out quite nicely.

I actually shot a total of 20 min. of video, but I edited a lot of stuff out as I was just trying out different things. It was quite fun and something I will definitely do again. I just let the camera roll and videoed myself doing some silly moves. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it. I’ll see you in the later shuffle dance video.

The T-Step Video Tutorial

As I was to begin practise on performing the T-Step part of the shuffle dance I had to find a good video tutorial I could follow. I must admit YouTube has a lot of good videos and I will probably include 2 or three videos for the T-Step. The video I decided to start with for the T-Step was by the same guy whom I followed for the running man. He does a great job of explaining and the camera angles are very good as well. Too bad the videos aren’t shot in HD but hey we will manage hehe.

So here is the first shuffle dance video tutorial I used to work on the T-Step: