The Running Man!

On my quest to learn how to shuffle dance I’ve figured out that I need to master the running man as it’s one of the basic moves in the shuffle dance. So I browsed YouTube to find a video that could show me how to execute the running man and after watching it I decided to give it a go. Here is my very first video in this how to shuffle dance series and it’s me doing the running man!

A word of WARNING! Normally I would edit my videos before I upload them to the InterWebz. This time however I decided to upload the whole 1-take. There are no fancy headlines, sounds or edits. It’s RAW and quite frankly somewhat ugly haha! You see I shot it with my camera held 90 degrees and I have spent 2 full evenings trying to figure out how the hell to display it so it looks cool. I finally figured it out and now I just can’t be bothered with the rest to be honest :) SO if you are ready for some shuffle dance action and my first crack at doing the running man then go ahead and watch the video below. Once I get some more practise in on doing the running man I’ll upload some newer videos (but definitely NOT in vertical mode again).

I can’t believe I actually added this video …. it’s pretty embarrassing :)

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